Justo Suárez (Bio) - Artist name: Just.on


Justo Suárez Peña (Just.on) was born one October 9th in downtown Habana, Cuba, in the La Victoria neighbourhood, where he was also brought up. As a child, he taught himself singing, percussion and battery and went on to study at the "Ignacio Cervantes" and "Félix Varela" conservatories. His teachers included Osmany Sánchez, Ernesto Simpson and Roman Díaz.


As a musician and singer in Cuba, he worked with artists such as Caridad Hierrezuelo, Orquesta Aché, Son D.C., Grupo Clave, Latin Proyect, Salsa Tropical, Sexto Sentido, Habana Café, Jesús Fuentes, Idalberto Valdés, Miguel Angá as well as with his own band Salsa de Xifré.

Justo Suárez (Just.on) participated as principal percussionist in the electronic fusion project Extravaganza, along with Chucho Valdés (5 Grammys), Jorge Chicoy, Roberto Carcassés and Orlando Sánchez Cubajazz, including a performance at the Cubadisco 2003 festival and a recording under the EGREM label.


In Europe, he has worked as vocal coach and musician with Lou Bega, in television productions and tours with Marschall and Alexander, Vicky Leandros, Milva, Lena Valaitis, Christopher Lee (the legendary Hollywood actor), Grupo Rhapsody, John Smile, Johnny Logan, Jochen Kowalsky, Bernard Margarit and Francuba, Vanessa Calcagno, Timbabeat as well as with his own bands Timbalatin, Cubano Sons, Latin Jazz Connection and Rumbadale.


Since 2000, he has been the lead singer of Cubanisimo, performing with this orchestra in festivals and events all over Europe. He is also percussionist/singer in the Chanchullo sextet, a band which includes afrocuban jazz in its repertoire and which has enjoyed much success in Cuba, the US and in Asia.


Currently, he also teaches percussion and drums in various music schools in Germany. He has just completed the production "Ritmos y colores" of this album of his own compositions, with the participation of musicians from Cuba, the US and Europe, and with the collaboration of musical producers such as Tony Martinez (Cuban Power), Reghuel Reinoso and Ricardo Alvarez. 


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