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Juston works on his second album and new promotional videos.


... Upcoming Concerts: 

- 10.01.2015/ Gera- Germany (Private Event)

- 16.01.15/ Gera- Germany (Private Event))

- 17.01.15/ Chemnitz- Germany (Private Event)

- 23-24.01.15/ Zwickau- Germany (Private Event)

- 5.02.15/ Chemnitz- Germany (Private Event)

- 13.02.15/ Berlin- Germany (Private Event)

- 21.02.15/ Augustusburg- Germany

- 13-14.03.15/ Limbach- Oberfrohna- Germany

- 27.03.15/ Chemnitz- Germany (Private Event)

- 3-4.04.15/ Kassel- Germany (Private Event)

- 1.05.15/ Höhestein- Germany (Private Event)

- 8-9-10.05.15/ Chemnitz/ Augustusburg- Germany (Private Event)

- 16.05.15/ Crimmitschau- Germany ( Tanzschule Da Vinci)

- 22-26.05.15/ Palma de Mallorca- Spain (Il Cuore di Palma, Plaza den Coll)

- 30.05.15/ Dresden- Germany( L. Latina)

- 6.06.15/ Dresden- Germany( L. Latina)

- 13.06.15/ ??... 

- 18.06.15/ Chemnitz (Private Event)

- 20.06.15/ Gera- Germany 

- 26.06.15/ Chemnitz- Germany

- 4.07.15/ Erfurt- Germany

- 5.07.15/ Berlin..?...

- 25.07.15/ Leipzig- Germany

- 27.07- 5.08.15/ Mallorca- Spain ..?...

- 7.08.15/ Kriebstein- Germany

- 29.08.15/ Schwarzenberg- Germany

- 29.08.15/ Crimmitschau- Germany

- 26.09.15/ Jena- Germany

- 30-31.10.15/ Einbenstuck


Link to my CD review from "SalsaSonTimba" from Cali, Colombia:


Very proud of being between the finalists of "International Songwriting Competition" 2011:


"Dear Justo,


We are pleased to inform you that the song "Copia La Talla", entered into the Latin category, has been selected as a semi-finalist in the 2011 International Songwriting Competition (ISC). With over 16,000 entries in ISC 2011, this is an incredible accomplishment, and we would like to sincerely congratulate you on this achievement! If you entered multiple songs, you will receive a separate email for each song that has achieved semi-finalist status.


Thank you very much for your participation in ISC. We wish you all the best and much success with your songwriting.


Best Regards,

Candace Avery



International Songwriting Competition

1307 Eastland Ave

Nashville, TN  37206

Phone: 615.251.4441


Fax: 615.251.4442"



 Link to a review from our friends of "Salsa Brasil" to the CD "Marketing" from Cubanisimo (feat. Just.on):




 Again Cubanísimo on the Top 20 of January 2014 in Salsa Brazil Rio de Janeiro!


Link to find my album on internet online!

We are currently changing our sales provider, as soon as posible we will continue offering our music to you. Thank you for understanding.  Just.on



Just.on - Ritmos y colores

Just.on & Timbastars - Album Release!!

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